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Apply For A Rush Card

Apply for the RushCard today. Here are the numerous reasons why...

If you are interested in applying for a credit card, the Prepaid Visa RushCard is my choice hands-down. The benefits of having and using a Prepaid Visa RushCard are numerous and I am going to share the reasons why the RushCard is better than other credit cards.

We have all been in situations when we are at the register, and the employee behind the register invites you to apply for the store credit card. If you don't already have the store credit card, the first thing they say is that you'll get a certain % off your current purchase if you apply and get approved for the store credit card.

Now here's the dose of reality. Many of us have been there and currently have at least 1 store credit card as a result of falling for that exact scenario. The reality is that owning that store credit card doesn't save you any money. In fact, the store is earning money as a result of what you're spending.

Enter the RushCard. Here is a prepaid Visa debit card where you only spend what you have deposited. You don't have to worry about paying for something at the end of the month with interest, that you'd probably regret buying in the first place. You don't have to worry about making a purchase for something using your bank debit or credit card then finding out later that you didn't have enough money in your account when you made the purchase. It is very frustrating when you find out that your bank account has been overdrawn and on top of that, having to pay a $30+ overdraft fee doesn't make it any better.

Using the Prepaid Visa RushCard keeps you on track and helps to protect you against over-spending. The RushCard prevents you from making the impulse purchases we all have made using store credit cards, major credit cards and even our bank credit or debit cards. If you are not sure how much money you have on your RushCard, you can call their 800 number 24 hours a day or check your RushCard online account anytime.

The RushCard has minimal fees especially when you compare their fees to the major credit card companies and bank fees. You can use the Prepaid Visa RushCard at any ATM and the RushCard is accepted worldwide wherever VISA debit cards are accepted. There are also select ATMs with Display Option that can be used with no surcharge fees.

What also makes the Prepaid Visa RushCard the card of choice, is that you can conveniently add money to your RushCard in a variety ways. The Prepaid Visa RushCard lets you add money through direct deposit, through PayPal, or in person, through MoneyGram at a local store in your area. If you want to have your paycheck directly deposited to your RushCard, this can be done in a few quick and easy steps.

You can also use MoneyGram to add money to your RushCard within a matter of minutes for a small fee of $3.95. As if those options weren't convenient enough, you can also purchase a Green Dot MoneyPak at stores like Wal-Mart for a small purchase of $4.95. With the Green Dot MoneyPak, your transaction isn't complete until you login to your online account after you've added the cash to your RushCard. The purpose for the online login is to confirm the transaction using your receipt from your Green Dot MoneyPak purchase.

Speaking of logging into your online RushCard account, did I share that the RushCard allows you to also pay bills online using their RushCard Bill Pay option? Oh yes, and that includes utility bills, monthly bills, as well as sending a check to a friend. With the RushCard Bill Pay option, you can set up payments as far as one year in advance! You can set up bill payments, reschedule bill payments, or cancel bill payments using the Prepaid Visa RushCard.

For those like me who like to receive text alerts regarding your financial accounts, you can set up alerts for your Prepaid Visa RushCard. The RushCard text alerts can be set up to notify you of any deposits, alert you to a low available balance, and/or alert you when you are close to your spending limit, and much more. With the Prepaid Visa RushCard, there is no way that you should get into debt because you are using only the money you put on the RushCard.

The current economy has affected all of us; lost jobs, reduced wages, and loss of income, all equal debt. The RushCard has many benefits that assist those who want to get out of debt or who want to set up a budget plan. The Prepaid Visa RushCard offers an optional FREE Rush Path to Credit that members can enroll in and have their payments tracked and sent to 2 national credit reporting agencies.

This allows your payment history to be automatically sent which will help either build your credit history or repair your credit history. When you set up your RushCard online account, you can also create a budget, track your progress and receive text alerts if you make a purchase that exceeds your set budget amount. By now, you should be in the middle of the Prepaid Visa RushCard application process! What are you waiting for?

I don't just talk about the Prepaid Visa Rush Card, I actually have one and I love it!

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Have you been burned by too much credit card debt lately? Too scared of credit? Had enough of credit card bills? If plastic was a way of life for you and you're thinking of looking for a good alternative that is as convenient and easy to use, then a prepaid credit card is the perfect choice.

What are prepaid credit cards?

If you've used a prepaid phone card or sim card before, then you already have a basic idea of how a prepaid credit card works. You just need to 'load' it with money and then use it as you would any regular credit card. It can be used to pay your purchases at any store and is also accepted for many online transactions. You may also withdraw cash from any ATM.

Essentially, a prepaid credit card functions as a debit card, except that a prepaid credit card is a separate account. A debit card is linked to either a savings or a checking account. You just need to open a prepaid credit card account and deposit money, just like you would with a regular bank account. After you pay the fees, which could amount from $5 to $50, the bank then issues you a prepaid credit card.

Many banks offer prepaid credit cards under Visa or Mastercard. Other providers include Western Union, Greendotonline and Rush Card. Prepaid credit cards can also be purchased at selected stores, malls and even gas stations.

Where's the credit?

The term 'prepaid credit card' is probably a misnomer because there's no credit involved when you use it in any transaction. With a credit card, you pay with the money you don't yet have, but which your banker or credit card company guarantees for you.

With a prepaid credit card, you only spend the money you loaded the card with. For example, if you have $300 on your prepaid credit card, you can't purchase a $325 item. It's that simple.

Who can use a prepaid credit card?

A prepaid credit card is a good tool to help you curb your shopping expenses. It is also a good alternative to a regular credit card that you didn't get due to bad credit or for any other reason. A prepaid credit card lets you enjoy the usage benefits a regular credit card can offer.


Spending limit - a prepaid credit card will only allow you to spend the amount that is left on your account, nothing more. You don't have to go beyond a credit limit because the only limit you have is self-imposed. If you load just $500 on your prepaid credit card account monthly, that's the amount you'll get to spend, until the next time you load it again.

Absence of debt - regular credit cards let you 'charge' purchases and then pay them back at a later date in full or make a minimum payment with interest. Every time you use a credit card, you incur a debt. With a prepaid credit card, you don't charge purchases, but pay for them outright, on cash basis. You also do not have to worry about monthly billing statements.

Fast processing - you're not required to undergo a credit check and there is no waiting to get your prepaid credit card approved. There is also no age limit.


Spending limit - the advantage of a prepaid credit card is also a disadvantage. While regular credit cards allow you to buy large purchases (such as appliances and furnitures), a prepaid credit card limits your buying power to the amount currently deposited in your prepaid account. Once it's gone, you can't buy more until you deposit money into that account.

Fees - each time you make a deposit to your account, you pay an additional but nominal fee. Some prepaid cards also charge you a minimum fee for every transaction.

Limit of use - you can't use a prepaid credit card to pay regular automatic payments and some smaller retailers don't accept transactions made with prepaid credit cards. A prepaid card will also not help you establish your credit, much less rebuild it.

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In life we all come across scenarios where it is best to pay for something with a credit card. Take purchases online for instance; the credit card has the added benefit that it is widely accepted by many online merchants and payment is instant from the buyer to the seller. By being able to pay with a credit card you will be able to receive the item in the fastest possible time available.

If you had to send a check to an online merchant it might mean waiting for the check while it is in transit, than waiting for the check to be deposited, and than after it is deposited you will have to wait for the check to clear. All this may take a few days up to a full week to complete before the merchant even packs and ships your products. The worst case scenario may even mean the merchant doesn't accept any other form of payment except for credit cards, so count those cash, check, and money order payment methods out.

Credit cards also offer many forms of protection for the consumer. Many reputable brands of credit card such as those which carry the Visa, MasterCard, or Discover logo have more features such as satisfaction guarantees and protection from fraud sales. Don't expect the same features when you're paying with checks.

Credit cards come in two forms, secured and unsecured. An unsecured credit card is a card which is backed by nothing except for the promise from the cardholder that they will pay their debt off when it becomes due. A secured credit card also known as a prepaid credit card is a card which is backed by funds that are pre-deposited or prepaid into the account. These cards are great options for those who have a hard time controlling their spending or are opening a card for a child who hasn't developed a sense of responsibility yet to handle a large credit line.

Secured credit cards are also great options for those who have bad credit and want to rebuild their credit scores in order to obtain unsecured credit cards.

If you have really bad credit scores, than the only option for you may be in the form of a secured credit card. By securing your spending limit with funds first this essentially relieves some of the risk that the card company will take by issuing your the card while still offering you the services and benefits of having credit. Thus it is much easier for someone to apply and be approved for a secured credit card since it is based more on what you're able to deposit than how you are with timely payment schedules or if your job is stable.

I know many people are concerned that by depositing their money into a secured credit card that the money no longer becomes theirs. They see this comparison with store cards such as the kind you get at Starbucks where you buy a pre-charged gift card or a Visa Debit Gift Card. But unlike those cards secured credit cards are essentially the same as money because what you put in there stays there until you use it. The funds can even be used at an ATM to withdraw money that you need which is something you can't do with the Starbucks card. The Starbucks card usually won't cash you out unless you have an absolute emergency reason to get your money back out.

Secured credit cards have also become much more convenient for those who need them as well. Many secured cards will even allow you to have your employer direct deposit funds directly into your credit card account so that you will have the money you need available immediately.

There are many credit cards currently on the market and if many of them have already declined you than it may be time to look into applying for a secured credit card as your credit might not be strong enough to get approved for an unsecured credit card.

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